Which Hormone Replacement Therapy Is Best for You? Take Our Quiz

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Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment option for both men and women who may be experiencing symptoms related to andropause and menopause caused by hormonal imbalances. Those symptoms encompass a wide range and can severely impact your quality of life and health.

In addition to changes caused by drops in certain hormone levels, other conditions, including adrenal fatigue and thyroid issues, can also be addressed through hormone replacement therapy.

Knowing which treatment is right for you isn’t easy and requires conducting blood tests, meeting with a hormone specialist, monitoring your progress, and adjusting as needed.

You can, however, get an idea of the different types of hormone therapy available and which treatment may be right for your situation by taking our quiz. After completing our quiz, you can then request a consultation at one of our locations in Louisiana by using the online form or by calling us at (225) 960-1580 (Baton Rouge), (504) 252-9579 (Metairie) or (985) 520-6670 (Slidell) to schedule an appointment.

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