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A Lasting Solution for Excessive Underarm Sweat!

Whether you are the kind of person who tends to sweat a lot or just a little, nothing is more embarrassing than underarm sweat stains and odor. Until recently, dealing with yellow stains on our white shirts or the chalky mess left behind by deodorants have just been part of life. Today, thanks to Miradry …

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Older couple holding hands on beach

25 Great Aspects About Aging

In the rush to celebrate youth, our society seems to have forgotten that there are some great positive aspects of aging. Here at our anti-aging clinic in Baton Rouge, we are definitely not about diminishing or demeaning aging. Instead, we’re here to make sure that you enjoy the golden years of your life to the …

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Sexual Dysfunction – Male Edition

Last week we explored the little-discussed topic of sexual dysfunction in women. Continuing with our trend of gender-specific topics, in this blog, we are uncovering more information on the subject of male sexual dysfunction. While the treatment and exploration of sexual problems, in general, is still in its infancy, male sexual issues are a bit …

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Sexual Dysfunction in Women

The female sexual response system is very complex and, even now, isn’t fully understood yet. Today’s society, however, more fully embraces the nature of sex and sexual desire, as well as has a shifting focus on conditions women experience that have not been well explored before. Because of this rapidly evolving spotlight on women and …

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Testosterone Myths: Female Edition

Last week, we promised in our most recent blog that we would include a full section on female-specific testosterone myths. Not being ones to disappoint, we rounded up some interesting facts and myths regarding testosterone hormone therapy for the more attractive gender. Some might be surprising, some might betray everything you know about hormones, and, …

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