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A man and woman stretch after a workout.

5 Anti-Aging Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Our wellness and anti-aging clinics in Baton Rouge and near New Orleans, Louisiana, treat men and women who are experiencing a range of symptoms associated with the aging process. The benefits range from improving the appearance of your skin to increasing your stamina. In this blog post, we'll describe specific ways bioidentical hormone replacement therapy …

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A dad and his daughter stay up after bedtime reading.

Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Treat Insomnia?

Feeling exhausted during the day can sometimes be blamed on staying up late or experiencing stress at work or in a relationship. But chronic sleeplessness is a symptom associated with menopause and andropause and can be treated with hormone replacement therapy at our clinics in Baton Rouge and near New Orleans. Before recommending hormone replacement …

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A fatigued man pauses for a break during his workout.

Can Low Testosterone Cause Fatigue?

Most men experience bouts of fatigue every so often, especially as they get older. A stressful week at work or a few sleepless nights can cause someone to feel listless for a few days. When those few days extend to several weeks, however, fatigue may be due to low testosterone levels. We offer testosterone replacement …

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A man and a woman look each other in the eyes.

Top 5 Questions About HRT for a Woman’s Low Sex Drive

If you watch much television at all, it's likely you've seen ads promoting products that treat male sexual dysfunction. Our society remains more focused on treating erectile dysfunction than the reduced libido that many women encounter, especially after menopause. Hormone-related sexual dysfunction for women, however, detracts from their quality of life. Hormone replacement therapy at …

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A man runs across concrete and his figure casts a shadow.

What Is the Link Between HRT and Endurance?

Testosterone replacement therapy is an anti-aging treatment popular with men at our Baton Rouge, Metairie, and Denham Springs, LA, clinics because it helps them get a better night's sleep, build muscle, and improve libido, among other benefits. Less well-known is the link between increased testosterone levels and boosting endurance. Men who come to our clinics …

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Overhead view of a man on a bench press.

Can Boosting Testosterone Really Make You Stronger?

Men who get testosterone replacement therapy at our Baton Rouge-area clinics in Louisiana have several reasons for seeking to increase their testosterone levels. Low testosterone can decrease libido, affect your mood and quality of life, and cause memory lapses. Low T levels are also directly linked to the progressive loss of muscle mass and reduced …

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A man who receives hormone replacement therapy treatment looks out over a pond during a run.

Can HRT Give Me an Energy Boost?

It's no secret that women going through menopause experience a number of symptoms that hormone replacement therapy at our Baton Rouge-area clinics can effectively treat, including fatigue and sleeplessness. What's less understood, however, is that changes in hormone levels can also lead to reduced energy for men as they reach their 40s and 50s. Andropause …

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Portrait of a man from Louisiana who is considering testosterone replacement therapy.

Will Testosterone Therapy Make Me Angry?

Millions of people—such as bodybuilders and cheating athletes—enhance their natural testosterone levels to boost their muscle mass, confidence, energy, and performance. When used this way, without proper medical supervision, testosterone has been linked to unwanted side effects such as mood swings and aggressive "roid rage."   Is this connection real, or is the idea of "roid rage" more myth than …

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A group of people who use hormone therapy lift kettlebells in a workout class.

Can I Gain Muscle and Lose Weight With HRT?

Many of the men considering hormone replacement therapy at our Baton Rouge-area clinics are concerned about the loss of muscle tone and increased weight. These age-related changes commonly occur during "male menopause"—called andropause—and are linked to low testosterone levels. Simply put, these patients want to know if hormone replacement therapy can help them gain muscle …

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