About Us

At Rejuvime Medical, our anti-aging specialists in Baton Rouge and Metairie, LA, use their expertise to help demystify bioidentical hormone therapy for patients from New Orleans, Lafayette, and throughout Louisiana. Our goal is to help the men and women who choose our clinic enjoy a quality of life free of age-related hormonal imbalances.

Our Mission at Rejuvime Medical

Dr. Jonathan Weiler established Rejuvime Medical after realizing that the patients he saw at his plastic surgery practice desired to feel as good as they looked. Through hormone replacement therapy customized to meet the needs of each individual, our anti-aging clinic provides medically monitored treatment plans based on comprehensive consultations that include thorough and affordable blood tests. We closely monitor our patients’ progression with a focus on reaching each patient’s specific goals.*

Rejuvime Medical offers a variety of avenues to help you live a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle. Along with hormone restoration therapy, our team of specialists is ready to assist you with the most advanced techniques in cosmetic procedures, including injectables and other aesthetic services. We believe that by educating and maintaining a relationship with our patients, we can help them achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles and youthful-looking skin for years to come.*

Natural, safe hormone replacement therapy combined with a healthy diet and customized skincare can help you avoid the symptoms and signs of aging for years. Whether you turn to us for vitamin injections or facial fillers, give your body what it lacks and begin to experience the way you used to feel.**

A Reputation Built on Results

Always great service!
Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. The information I was given was more than I could have asked...
Stephanie is awesome! They really make sure they assist and answer all questions. I am excited about...
Wonderful staff. Very kind and informative. Glad I chose Rejuvime!

About Dr. Weiler

Dr. Weiler is a board-certified plastic surgeon whose personal experience and interactions with his patients led to his exploration of anti-aging procedures that involved cosmetic treatments, nutrition, and hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Weiler’s own journey began years ago after a devastating injury left him without part of his intestines. Dr. Weiler had lost the ability to properly absorb vital nutrients and required supplementation to maintain normal levels. Also, being a busy plastic surgeon had begun to take a toll on both his stamina and performance in all aspects of life. He found many practitioners in the field who provided bits and pieces of what he needed, but most did not provide comprehensive age-defying care to both men and women. In addition, his aesthetic practice was the perfect complement to complete his age-defying quest. It was out of this journey that Rejuvime Medical was created.

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If you’re considering hormone replacement therapy or other anti-aging treatments and want to discuss your concerns, request a consultation or call (225) 960-1580 to schedule an appointment at one of our Rejuvime Medical locations.