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What is Hormone Therapy? Who’s it for?

The fact is that the aging process affects everyone. Over time, our bodies begin to change as we notice that we look and feel different than we used to. Hormone production declines to a point of deficiency, resulting in decreased libido, energy levels, fatigue, and weight gain.Fortunately, as technology has progressed, scientific advancements have granted …

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The Anti-Aging Benefits of B Vitamins

B vitamins have long been known to have many rejuvenating properties, and this is the case for people of ANY age. Whether you suffer from fatigue due to aging or from some other cause, B vitamins can make a huge difference. In this blog post from our bioidentical hormone clinic in Baton Rouge, we’d like …

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5 Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks

Aging creeps up on you, and no matter how many people have gotten older before you, it’s still uncharted territory to you. Perhaps you start with a few gray hairs. Then maybe you start to feel less energetic, and then you fight with a fairly significant health issue or two. The gradual nature of aging …

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