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Hilarious Old-Fashioned Anti-Aging Remedies

Throughout history, people have looked for the secret for how to remedy or reverse aging. The quest to retain youthfulness, vitality, and wellbeing has captured the imaginations of many people and cultures. However, not all of these remedies were useful, scientifically based, or even reasonable. Here are some of the ways people have tried to …

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The Anti-Aging Benefits of Omega-3’s

There has probably never been a better time in history than we have right now to pursue maintaining a youthful appearance and physique. With so many anti-aging remedies on the market, there’s a solution for almost everything. Science now knows so much more about the why and how of aging that we can develop the …

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Estrogen Vs. Progesterone: Which Bioidentical Hormone is Right for You?

Many of our patients experience the benefits of receiving customized injections of bioidentical hormones in our Baton Rouge clinic. These customized injections can help reverse the effects of aging by helping your body recover functions that have been lost to decreased levels of hormones over time. These symptoms are common in older patients, but by …

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Why We Recommend Injectables to Our Patients

When you come into our Metairie clinic for hormone therapy, you’ll end up with a customized hormone treatment that helps restore your body’s natural hormone levels in order to reverse the effects of aging. Along with your hormone therapy, you may also receive nutrient supplements and cosmetic treatments via injectables. If the thought of a needle …

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