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Kybella, A Solution for Submental Fat, AKA “The Double Chin”

Submental fat, or “double-chin”, represents a cosmetic change in patients in all ages and genders. Interestingly enough, it occurs regardless of body mass. This is because we have localized fat deposits all over our bodies, but because this one is under our chin and is in part of our facial outline, it is exceptionally noticeable. …

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Support Your Skin, Eat Collagen!

As science progresses, we continue to learn the advances of anti-aging properties and protocols. Now that you’ve booked an appointment with Rejuvime Medical for an anti-aging therapy, you’re getting excited for your first appointment, but you still want to get a head start on the process? There are some simple things to implement to help …

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Among The Sleep: Sleeping and Hormones

Everyone knows we need sleep. To some, it’s a biological waste of time that interferes with their fun and work, to others it’s literally the best part of the day. There’s a bit of mystery surrounding sleep – for example, scientists don’t even know why we actually need sleep (so, make that a lot of …

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It’s Not Me, It’s My Metabolism

Me·tab·o·lism noun the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life. A more detailed definition could be: the sum of the physical and chemical processes in an organism by which its material substance is produced, maintained, and destroyed, and by which energy is made available. A tertiary definition could be: …

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Six Common Myths and Misconceptions About Botox!

Thirty-seven years ago, Dr. Alan Scott introduced botulinum toxin-A as a solution to prevent eye spasms. It was extremely effective and was further utilized to correct all manner of facial spasms, even vocal ones. Botulinum toxin-A, or Botox, as it is known today, has become a household name, and treatment with Botox is now a …

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Bioidentical Hormones – 5 Reasons You Should Try Them

Rejuvime Medical is the age-defying clinic in Baton Rouge and Metairie, and we offer many anti-aging treatments, including bioidentical hormones.Hormones are chemicals that your body makes in your endocrine glands, and they circulate in your bloodstream to send messages throughout the body. When a hormone binds to a receptor in a cell, that cell responds …

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