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Getting My MOJO Back

The word testosterone is sometimes used in everyday language to excuse or explain behavior or characteristics regarded specifically as male. Testosterone is, indeed the key male sex hormone – but what exactly does it do, and should men worry about their levels getting lower as they grow older? WHAT IS TESTOSTERONE? Testosterone is a hormone, …

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There are many reasons to get cosmetic injectables. Not only can they be used to smooth fine lines and wrinkles in the face, but they can also be used to enhance volume in cheeks temples or lips, smooth a chin crease, or improve facial symmetry. At Rejuvime Medical we offer a few different options for …

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How to Counteract Aging in Each of Your Body’s Systems (Part 3)

Your body’s systems are an incredibly intricate, interwoven set of very different parts, all working together in very close harmony. When all of these systems are in proper working order, you feel great and have energy, but when these systems begin to break down, you don’t feel quite so good. Unfortunately, aging has an effect …

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