Why We Recommend Injectables to Our Patients

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When you come into our Metairie clinic for hormone therapy, you’ll end up with a customized hormone treatment that helps restore your body’s natural hormone levels in order to reverse the effects of aging. Along with your hormone therapy, you may also receive nutrient supplements and cosmetic treatments via injectables. If the thought of a needle and enduring regular shots makes you shudder, you aren’t alone. Many of our patients enter into the hormone therapy and anti-aging process with a fear of needles which they quickly overcome when they see the results these injections can produce. So why are injections so much more effective? Why does our team rely on them so much?

Why Injections Can Be Better Than a Pill

Whether it’s for hormone therapy, nutrient therapy, or a cosmetic procedure, there are a lot of benefits to an injectable delivery method.

  • It starts working faster. When you take a pill, it needs to start dissolving in your stomach before it can be transported throughout your body and get where it needs to go. With an injection, there is no delay, and the body can start using the injection immediately.
  • It offers a better absorption rate. The stomach can end up destroying some of your pills when you take them orally. An injection is much easier for the body to absorb and begin using, so you don’t lose any of the good stuff in the transfer.
  • Injections can provide a steadier supply rate. If you are on a hormone therapy regimen that requires a constantly level to be maintained (and that’s most hormone therapies), it’s easy to maintain that constant rate when you use injections because of the high absorption rate.
  • You can get a higher dose of exactly what you need. When you lose some of the elements of your pills to stomach acid and the digestive process, you won’t know exactly how much you have left or if you got as much as you really needed. That problem is eliminated with injections.

Why You Shouldn’t Fear a Needle

A fear of needles is common. As many as one in ten people suffer from this fear, and it’s understandable. Needles can often be painful. But the needles that are used to deliver the hormone and nutrient therapies along with our cosmetic procedures are tiny, thin, and made to be as painless as possible. Many of our patients overcome their fear of needles within their first few visits and are able to take an injection without blinking an eye. We promise that our team will do everything possible to make you comfortable during your visit and will work with you to eliminate the fear of an injection. Plus, when you start to see and feel the results of your injections, you’ll know that a split second of discomfort is absolutely worth it!

So Are Pills Totally Out?

No. There are some anti-aging therapy options that we offer in our Metairie clinic that come in pill form. This might be the most effective delivery method for that particular therapy. Some of our patients might not be able to have injections due to the risk of infection at the injection site or a true phobia of needles. Whatever the reasons, we have plenty of anti-aging options so our team can develop an effective plan that helps you meet your goals and eliminate the symptoms of aging.

Ready to Take the Plunge into Injections?

Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated by the thought of an injection when it could do so much to change your life for the better! Let us show you how easy it can be. Make an appointment with our Metairie clinic by giving us a call or contacting us through our website. We’ll set you up with an appointment so you can learn more about our services and we can perform a thorough anti-aging evaluation on you to determine the best course of action. Then we can get started with the injections, pills, or other therapy options our team believes are best for you. You’ll be amazed at the results and how quickly you can start to see and feel them! Don’t put it off…make that appointment today.

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