What Is the Link Between HRT and Endurance?

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Testosterone replacement therapy is an anti-aging treatment popular with men at our Baton Rouge and Metairie, LA, clinics because it helps them get a better night’s sleep, build muscle, and improve libido, among other benefits. Less well-known is the link between increased testosterone levels and boosting endurance.

Men who come to our clinics seeking to increase physical performance are usually concerned about age-related loss of muscle mass. Hormone replacement therapy can be an excellent solution for those concerns, but we also point out that testosterone can help improve endurance as well as performance.

In this blog post, we’ll address a few common questions that patients ask about testosterone replacement therapy’s relationship to endurance levels and explain why older men can especially benefit from HRT.

What Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Low testosterone levels (low T) are associated with a number of symptoms and an elevated risk of certain diseases. Medically monitored testosterone replacement therapy can improve your overall wellness and other specific benefits, including more energy, better mood, and even better sleep. Additionally, men on TRT may notice an increase in their libido and a decrease in “mental fog.”

Customized testosterone replacement therapy programs developed by our specialists address the specific concerns of our patients, some of whom ask if treating low T will help increase endurance.

Does testosterone affect endurance?

Reduced stamina is something many men experience in their 40s and 50s. The lack of endurance, even for men who work out regularly and maintain muscle mass, can be discouraging. The relationship between endurance and testosterone is a bit complicated—for example, elite athletes training for a triathlon often see a decline in testosterone levels. For older men, however, testosterone replacement therapy can increase their stamina during their workouts.

Our specialists at Rejuvime Medical create replacement therapy plans that find the “sweet spot” for a patient’s testosterone levels to provide the desired benefits.

Should you work out while getting hormone replacement therapy?

It’s not only OK to exercise while undergoing HRT, but we also recommend it. Hormone replacement therapy and exercise go hand in hand, according to some studies. Exercising enhances the benefits of HRT, while HRT enables patients to exercise more than they have been.

Can HRT help me run longer?

Women runners who undergo HRT to help treat symptoms associated with menopause may find their endurance improves because they get better sleep and their energy levels are increased. For men, the increased muscle mass that comes from increased testosterone levels can also contribute to increased endurance. Again, though, if you participate in competitive endurance sports, excessive training can reduce your testosterone levels.

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