Warning Signs of Low Testosterone in Women

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Men aren’t the only ones who experience low testosterone; it’s also commonly found in women.

Testosterone is most often associated with men. After all, it’s responsible for a man’s low voice and his increased muscle mass. However, testosterone is also important for women. While it’s true that women don’t produce anywhere near as much testosterone as men do, it plays an essential role in many bodily functions in women. Women, just like men, can experience low testosterone, but in order for a woman to get the treatment she needs, she first has to recognize that there is a problem! The following is a list of the common warning signs of low testosterone in women:

#1. You constantly feel tired.

Have you noticed a sudden and distinct drop in your energy levels? If so, you may be experiencing low testosterone. The energy-diminishing effects of low testosterone can vary from woman to woman. Some women with low testosterone feel groggy or drained during the day, while others may have a difficult time getting out of bed at all. For healthy women, a good night’s sleep can often cure fatigue, but for women suffering from low testosterone, the quality and quantity of sleep does little to address the fatigue.

#2.  You have been gaining weight.

Did you know that muscles actually help to burn calories and keep fat at bay? Since low testosterone is an essential part of building, maintaining and strengthening muscle, many women lose muscle mass and gain fat as a result of low testosterone. In fact, it is now widely accepted among many researchers that low testosterone is the most common reason why women gain weight in midlife. Unfortunately, many women chalk up the added body fat as a normal part of the aging process, when in fact, it could be a result of low testosterone, and a treatment option may be available.

#3. You have been feeling depressed.

Testosterone plays a key role in mental focus and mood stabilization, and when testosterone levels are low, it can leave women feeling depressed and unfocused. Other symptoms associated with low testosterone include a loss of interest in activities you used to enjoy, mood swings, a general lack of motivation and a chronic “low mood.” Unfortunately, many of these emotional symptoms of low testosterone are misdiagnosed and, therefore, mistreated with antidepressants and other medications.

#4.  You are no longer interested in sex.

Although it’s normal to experience a decrease in your libido as you age, women who have low testosterone often experience sexual changes that are both extreme and sudden. Testosterone is an essential part of sexual arousal in men and women, and low levels of testosterone can cause a woman to lose interest in sex. Other sexual changes triggered by low testosterone include vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse.

#5. You have experience irregular periods.

Women who have low testosterone often experience similar symptoms as women going through menopause or premenopause, including irregular periods. It’s not uncommon for a woman who has low testosterone to experience changes in her periods, and if testosterone levels are low enough, she may stop having her period altogether. Menstrual irregularities in women who are too young for menopause and premenopause may be a sign of a hormonal deficiency.

#6. You have started losing your hair.

Hair loss is one of the most obvious signs of low testosterone in women because you can actually see it! Testosterone plays an important part in both the production and maintenance of hair. Women who have low testosterone can experience patchiness in their hair and, in some cases, even baldness, and the effects can have an impact on bodily hair, just as it can on the hair on the head.

#7. You can’t have an orgasm anymore.

Low testosterone can also cause anorgasmia, which means that you can’t have orgasms. This is often caused by the combination of a dramatic drop in libido and difficulties finding pleasure in sex. Though many women are able to regain the ability to orgasm with treatment, treatment does not guarantee that a woman will fully recover that ability.

As you can see, low testosterone can affect women in just as many ways as it can affect men, and you may be able to find a solution to your low-testosterone woes through bioidentical hormone therapy in Metairie with Rejuvime Medical. Make an appointment with our clinic today to find out if testosterone therapy is right for you.


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