The Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

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For men suffering from low testosterone, there are many benefits of getting testosterone therapy.

Although men don’t suffer from menopause, some men do suffer from andropause which is a decrease in the production of testosterone and is often referred to as low testosterone. In our last blog, we went over the symptoms of andropause, as well as the treatment options available to those who suffer from andropause. Testosterone replacement therapy is, by far, the most common treatment option, but does hormone therapy in Baton Rouge really help? For men who suffer from low testosterone, the benefits of testosterone therapy are many. Here is a list of just a few of the many benefits of hormone therapy for men who suffer from low testosterone:

#1. Improved Mood

While most people associate testosterone with a deep voice and an ability to grow facial hair, there’s a lot more to this hormone than just the physical characteristics. When testosterone levels get low, it can leave you feeling depressed and down. It’s not easy to smile and hold your head up high when your hormone levels aren’t balanced, but luckily, hormone therapy can help to stabilize your mood.

#2. Speedier Recovery

Do you miss being able to hit the gym the very next day after a hard workout, like you did when you were younger? When your testosterone levels are low, you could be sore for days on end, which may even prevent you from getting in another workout. One of the unsung benefits of testosterone therapy is that it can help to speed up the healing process of injuries to soft tissue, which means you’ll have to cope with fewer sore days.

#3. Increase in Muscle Mass

Weight gain, particularly in the midsection, is a common side effect of low testosterone. While the exact biochemical reason for this is largely unknown, there is evidence that not only does low testosterone cause weight gain, but carrying around excess weight gain also cause low testosterone. Men who are overweight or obese are more likely to experience low testosterone because fat actually contains an enzyme that converts the testosterone in the body to estrogen, which makes it difficult to break the testosterone/weight gain cycle. The good news is that testosterone therapy can help you break out of the cycle because it promotes lean muscle mass. With testosterone therapy, your hard work in the gym pays off even more, making it easier to lose weight and gain lean muscle.

#4. Increase in Bone Mineral Density

Many people think of osteoporosis and an increase in fractures to be problems only older women suffer from, but men who suffer from low testosterone can experience them as well. Men over the age of 65 commonly experience hip fractures due to poor bone mineral density as a result of low testosterone. One of the key health benefits of hormone replacement therapy is that it helps to increase bone mineral density, reducing your risk for fractures and osteoporosis.

or role in, and it’s not uncommon for a man experiencing low testosterone to experience a hit to his libido, making him lose interest in sex. Another aspect of low testosterone can be erectile dysfunction, though low testosterone is just one of many underlying causes that could be to blame. However, results of recent studies on the effects of hormone therapy on erectile potency have been encouraging, and many men have found a solution to erectile dysfunction through testosterone therapy.

If you’ve been suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone, it’s time to the find the treatment you need. Schedule your appointment with us at Rejuvime Medical today to find out if testosterone therapy is right for you.





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