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The aging process — in all its contention — happens to everyone, as there is no fountain of youth or “Benjamin Button” therapies. The best therapies to consider, under current science, are anti-aging protocols and medicine from a specific anti-aging clinic. Complementing these therapies with lifestyle changes ensures lasting results and age defiance!

Lifestyle habits

While many anti-aging protocols exist, in addition to creams and pills to take, there are lifestyle habits you can start incorporating today to aid the inevitable aging process.

Exercise and movement

We exist in a society where a technological revolution has taken place and more frequently people are sitting at a desk for eight hours or more each day. When you combine this with a sedentary lifestyle, this is the perfect combination to speed the aging process; you will feel it both internally and see it externally.

Sitting too much is linked to a plethora of diseases including both heart disease and obesity. Being inactive actually speeds the aging process and changes DNA, as it was found in a recent study published out of the University of california, San Diego. Researchers found telomeres — the ends of our DNA that affects how we age — are shrinking in inactive people. A person is aging roughly eight additional years who are sedentary for more than 10 hours a day, compared to those who are more active. To further the point, in a study published in the journal of Science Advances, it was concluded that just moderate-intensity exercise keeps cell aging at bay. One of the answers to slowing the aging process is being active, so get moving!

Food choices

Not only do poor food choices affect your health, they also affect the way you age. Oxidative stress — the disproportion of free radicals to antioxidants and the bodies ability to neutralize or detoxify them — occurs in foods that are high sugar, bad fats (hydrogenated oils), and chemical preservatives. As we age, our bodies are less equipped to handle increased oxidative stress, and eating these foods for long periods of time increases and speeds aging.

Researchers have recently discovered that the changing microbiome in your gut declines in older, aging people. Our body’s are comprised of mostly bacteria; we are more bacteria than anything else! Having a greater balance of healthy bacteria supports healthy aging, as a result, so do your food choices. Eating unhealthy foods in unhealthy proportions disrupts a healthy gut and depletes the beneficial bacteria.

Choosing foods that are healthy and high in ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) value will support and slow the aging process. These foods range from astaxanthin and bacopa, to rosemary and chaga mushroom. In our last blog, we touched the benefits of collagen for its anti aging properties, and the same is true for foods on the ORAC value list, so be sure to check them out.

Michael Pollan has a great philosophy when it comes to food choices, namely:

Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.


It’s been established for some time now that smoking is only detrimental to your health. Not only does it age your outer appearance in the form of wrinkles and fine lines, it can cause cancer and other diseases. Researchers have discovered smoking accelerates aging by 1.4 years, compared to nonsmokers. If you’re concerned with aging and you’re a smoker, consider taking action by quitting.

Sun exposure

Proper sun care habits are your skin’s best defense against environmental aging, and protects against skin cancer.

  • Sunscreen – Choosing a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays is important to keep skin youthful. When selecting a sunscreen, consider a natural sunscreen with less chemicals, so to prevent endocrine disruption.  Most importantly, choose a moisturizer or makeup that has sun protection already in it to defend against sun damage on your face.
  • Sun coverage – You don’t always need sunscreen, so long as you’re covering your skin. You can implement hats or lighter, longer sleeved clothing to ward off rays.

Rejuvime for the ultimate anti aging experience

Incorporating the above tips is an accessible way to slow the aging process, but if you perhaps need to expedite the effects, schedule an appointment with Rejuvime Medical today.

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