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You made it through the honeymoon phase, had a child or two, possibly moved into your dream home, and just leaped over a big hurdle called the “seven year itch.” Between running back and forth with different practices, cub scout meetings, and taco Tuesday your life has fallen into a very normal routine. One day when you are getting your mani-pedi you over hear the lady next to you and her friend talking about their sex life. You try your best to not make it obvious that you are totally eavesdropping by pulling open your phone and mindlessly scrolling on Facebook.

While receiving a nice hot stone and massage on your sore calves from pilates last night you over hear a conversation that truly shocks you! The 50 something year old lady two seats down is talking about a wonderful evening her and her husband of 30 years just had for their anniversary. Your mind imagines your parents laughing and smiling and then you wonder how did they keep the spark alive?

You are happily married. You could not think of any reason other than exhaustion as to why you and your husband have became more like roommates and less like lovers. You quickly claim that things are just way more stressful now. You make the excuse that you and your spouse just simply do not have the time to make love. Just as you are about to think of the third reason for your lack of spice in the bedroom your subconscious is interrupted by the word “hormones.”


As you recline your seat back to seem even more less interested, you hear her explain to her friend that her husband started Bio-identical Testosterone Therapy the previous year and that when she saw such a difference she started 3 months ago. You immediately start googling and try to figure out how hormonal therapy could have this 50 year couple making teenagers blush.

Last night, as in almost every other night, you and your husband collapsed around midnight without the slightest touch or even kiss goodnight. You love him. Love isn’t the issue. He is still very attractive to you. But things just aren’t the same and you honestly cannot pin point any particular problem or reason why love making has become less and less of a priority and more and more of a chore.

Does this little story ring true to you and your marriage? Are you more like room mates? Do you long to have that spark again but honestly have zero sex drive? Hormones play a critical role in every function of our bodies. The hormones that have been regulating your reproductive cycle, sex drive, mood, and more are ebbing, and very often these low levels will have a negative effect on your sex life.

Scheduling a consultation is the first step to discovering if hormonal imbalance is the culprit behind a very long list of issues you may be dealing with.

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