How Long Before Hormone Replacement Therapy Works?

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Men diagnosed with low levels of testosterone—often called “Low T”—experience symptoms ranging from lack of energy and productivity, reduced sex drive, depression, and brain fog. Once they’ve decided to get testosterone replacement therapy at our clinics in the Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas, they’re anxious to know when they can expect to notice results.

As you might expect, there isn’t a single answer to the question of how soon a testosterone replacement therapy patient will see results. Several factors influence the onset of the results, including the TRT method used, the specific symptoms being treated, and the patient’s physiological makeup. But studies have identified some general expectations that can help answer patients’ questions.

How soon you’ll notice results primarily depends on the symptoms of low T that a patient is experiencing. In this blog post, we’ll look at the differences between symptoms and how different methods of administering the therapy can also affect how long it takes for results to show up.

Testosterone Replacement Injections

If your primary focus is getting efficient results, testosterone replacement therapy injections are the superior way to provide you with bioidentical hormones. These hormone injections work the same way that your body’s naturally produced testosterone would and are proven to be clinically effective. Injections offer us the most control over your dosage, along with the opportunity to monitor how they are affecting you. Each time you come in for an injection, we can also address any issues or concerns you may have.

For men primarily concerned about a low sex drive or trouble getting erections, the good news is that testosterone replacement injections work most quickly addressing these concerns. Typically, patients will notice results after 3 weeks. Your libido will continue to ramp up for another 3 weeks and then plateau and maintain that level with continued treatments. The changes in erectile function take several more weeks to appear.

You can expect to notice an improvement in mood and reduced depression about six weeks after beginning TRT injections. Patients who want increased stamina and more energy will see results emerge after 3 months. You’ll also notice increased muscle mass and strength coupled with reduced fat between months 3 and 4.

Other Treatment Methods

Alternative treatment methods for testosterone replacement therapy at our Metairie and Baton Rouge clinics include pellets and creams. Patients choose these options for various reasons. Pellets, for example, typically last up to 3 months, and patients only need to schedule 4 appointments per year as part of hormone replacement therapy. The drawback is that, unlike injections, the dosage can only be adjusted when replacing the pellets.

Creams, as well as patches, have the advantage of being easily applied. The body absorbs the hormone through the skin, but the absorption rate varies from person to person and can be affected by factors such as sweat. They can also be messy and unintentionally transferred to a spouse or child. Patches can cause skin irritation.

Creams, patches, and gels can be effective, but it will take longer to see the results than with testosterone injections. The decision about which method to use is one that can be made after consulting with our specialists.

As you can see, there isn’t a specific day that hormone replacement therapy begins working. The process is gradual—especially if you opt for a method other than injections—and can change as your treatment evolves. A better question might be, “how long will I see the benefits of hormone replacement therapy.” In most cases, the answer is for years to come. You can begin the process now by contacting one of our clinics to schedule your initial appointment: (225) 960-1580 (Baton Rouge) or (504) 252-9579 (Metairie).

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      We do require you be seen initially in the clinic with our provider and annually thereafter. Please call us 225-960-1580 and we can explain the process in greater detail.

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