Common Anti-Aging Myths

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We all want to look and feel younger, and the first step towards reaching your goal is to stop believing the common anti-aging myths out there.

Ever since the beginning of time, men and women have been chasing longevity. Throughout history, there have been countless stories and legends about men and women looking to turn back the clock, from the quest for the Fountain of Youth to the Holy Grail. Today, we are still just as obsessed with longevity, but the difference is that now we know a lot more about how we age, and we have more options than going on a quest for Shangri-La. However, many of us still chase fictional anti-aging “fixes,” and there are many myths and misconception about longevity that we all need to stop believing. The first step towards looking and feeling younger is to learn the truth about anti-aging, and that’s where Rejuvime Medical comes in. Here is our list of the most common anti-aging myths debunked:

Myth #1. If you don’t smile, you won’t get wrinkles.

Some celebrities, notably Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian, are known for promoting the myth that, if you don’t smile or make any facial expressions, you won’t get wrinkles. While it’s true that facial expressions can cause lines to form, it’s also almost impossible to live a life without expression; plus, who wants to live like that? Additionally, studies have shown that people actually look younger when they smile. So yes, you might develop a few fine lines in the process, but smiling will help you to look more youthful; plus, smiling promotes the release of endorphins, which can help you feel younger too!

Myth #2. There’s one perfect anti-aging routine that will work for everyone.

Many people swear by their anti-aging routine, but the truth is that just because something works for someone else, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you. Some steps can be generally beneficial for everyone looking to prevent the signs of aging, such as wearing sunscreen on a daily basis and staying hydrated, but there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Finding what works for you may take some effort, but when you team up with the professionals at Rejuvime Medical, we’ll help you find a tailor-made anti-aging strategy that is geared specifically towards you, your needs and your goals.

Myth #3. You can fix wrinkles by doing facial exercises.

Facial yoga and other facial exercises are all the rage on some blogs and sites, such as Pinterest, and they promise to eliminate everything from sagging jowls to crow’s feet. But how effective are they? Turns out, these kinds of facials exercises won’t do much in the way of eliminating your wrinkles; in fact, they can make matters worse. Repeating facials movements can actually cause more wrinkles.

Myth #4. Aging gracefully is all about your genes.

Many people point to their parents to get a glimpse of how well they will age, and while it’s true that genetics can play a role in how well you age, it’s just one of the many factors that are in play. The fact of the matter is that lifestyle plays a much bigger role in how you age than your genetic makeup. So if your mom looked like she was 30 in her 60s, and she drank plenty of water, ate healthy and exercised regularly, you probably won’t enjoy the same results if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle. However, if your lifestyle is similar to your parent’s, it could be an indicator of how you will age.

Myth #5. The higher the price tag, the better a product will work.

Many people sink hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year on their anti-aging skincare regimen, but just because a product has a high price tag, does not mean that it’s going to be the best option for your skin or provide you with the best results. As we mentioned earlier, we are all different, and we all have different needs and goals. Your best option when finding an anti-aging skin care strategy is not to simply pick the most expensive option, but to find an option that will truly work best for you.

These are just a few of the many, common anti-aging myths that we should all stop believing. Find a solution that will work for your by turning to our anti-aging clinic in Metairie. Contact us today to get started.

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