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Forget Midlife Crisis, Where Did My MOJO Go?

As we age, our hormone levels decline and we can become deficient in these essential hormones. These deficiencies can cause many side effects such as fatigue, weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, hair loss, mood swings, low sex drive, and poor concentration. As a female, it is imperative to not only balance but optimize estrogen, …

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Comprehensive Blood Testing + Wellness Panels Provide Baseline for Hormone Levels

What are they?“[a] low cost blood testing with an emphasis on tests that focus on hormones, nutrition, metabolic disorders, and preventable disease.”Tests are comprehensive hormone and wellness panels, available for both men and women, and are primarily utilized to obtain a personalized baseline for your hormone levels. This is specifically targeted towards “sex” hormones (estrogen, …

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What is Hormone Therapy? Who’s it for?

The fact is that the aging process affects everyone. Over time, our bodies begin to change as we notice that we look and feel different than we used to. Hormone production declines to a point of deficiency, resulting in decreased libido, energy levels, fatigue, and weight gain.Fortunately, as technology has progressed, scientific advancements have granted …

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5 Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks

Aging creeps up on you, and no matter how many people have gotten older before you, it’s still uncharted territory to you. Perhaps you start with a few gray hairs. Then maybe you start to feel less energetic, and then you fight with a fairly significant health issue or two. The gradual nature of aging …

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Hilarious Old-Fashioned Anti-Aging Remedies

Throughout history, people have looked for the secret for how to remedy or reverse aging. The quest to retain youthfulness, vitality, and wellbeing has captured the imaginations of many people and cultures. However, not all of these remedies were useful, scientifically based, or even reasonable. Here are some of the ways people have tried to …

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Why We Recommend Injectables to Our Patients

When you come into our Metairie clinic for hormone therapy, you’ll end up with a customized hormone treatment that helps restore your body’s natural hormone levels in order to reverse the effects of aging. Along with your hormone therapy, you may also receive nutrient supplements and cosmetic treatments via injectables. If the thought of a needle …

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Your Guide to Low Estrogen

Declining estrogen levels are a normal part of the aging process for women, but there are a few things all women need to know. Estrogen is an essential hormone for women, and it allows them to enjoy smooth, hairless skin on the face, and it plays an essential role in menstruation and many other functions …

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