“Biohacking” and Your Anti-Aging Success


There is a growing movement out there called “biohacking,” and it seeks to reduce or completely eliminate the effects of aging in order to maintain long-lasting strength, health, and well-being into older and older ages. After all, what’s the point of living 20 years longer if you can’t enjoy those years with health, vitality, and good looks? No one wants to be that person who is stuck in a nursing home, muscles completely atrophied away, unable to be up and about. The investment you make in yourself now will pay off with spectacular dividends in your older years.

Live to 140? We can dream!

While biohacking cannot give us immortality, people in biohacking circles are dreaming of pushing the upper limit of our life expectancy higher than ever before. This is becoming possible due to two factors. First, we understand more and more about the delicate balance, rhythms, and harmony that a healthy body needs to operate. Science has more insight into what’s going on at a molecular level, allowing us to see the difference between cellular machinery that’s healthy and cellular machinery that is diseased or compromised. Second, we have the ability to create supplements that are identical to the building blocks that our cells need.

Bioidentical Hormones: Your Body’s “Pony Express.”

One of the techniques that the biohacking community is taking advantage of is the option of bioidentical hormones. Hormones are part of our endocrine system, and there are more than 50 different hormones that our cells manufacture, secrete, and circulate. Think of your hormones as the “pony express” of your body. If one system says, “Hey, I need some more of X substance, can you get it for me?” it is your hormones that take that message out. However, if your pony express system is low on riders, then these messages will not be getting out.

Synthetic Hormones: A Poor Substitute

Any attempt to create synthetic hormones will invariably be met with suspicion by your body. These “substitute” Pony Express riders are not as likely to be able to deliver their messages, because when they get to the town gate, they will be met by a sentinel who shouts, “Halt! Who goes there?”

The synthetic hormone says, “It’s me, your friendly message delivery service. Please let me pass.”

The sentinel replies, “Nonsense! You’re wearing the wrong uniform. Begone, or I will send the sheriff’s posse after you.”

“No, really,” the hormone protests, “I have instructions from your neighbor to…”

“Silence!” The sentinel roars. “You don’t smell right. Immune system! Go after that guy.”

And thus, the poor synthetic hormone is driven away or quarantined and deactivated, as if it was a hostile virus or bacteria. This leaves your body without the valuable messages it needed to turn systems on and off to maintain the delicate equilibrium needed for optimum health.

Bioidentical Hormones: The Real Deal

Bioidentical hormones, in contrast, are like pony express riders that are wearing the “right uniform,” and thus are allowed to pass unchecked by the sentinels standing at the gates to your cells. Their messages get delivered because they are chemically identical to the hormones that your own body produces, and therefore they are indistinguishable from your own hormones.

If aging causes your hormone production to go down, bioidentical hormones can boost it back up without involving the symptoms and side effects associated with synthetic hormones.

This is just one form of biohacking that can keep your body in balance, allowing you to maintain your lifestyle, independence, beauty, and vitality for many more years to come.

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