Aging Shrinks The Brain, But Stress Shrinks It Faster

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Your brain is arguably one of the most important organs of your body along with your heart. These two organs are the ones that your body will do everything possible to preserve, even at the expense of sacrificing blood flow to other vital organs, if necessary. While our anti-aging clinic in Metairie offers many anti-aging techniques and remedies for your outward appearance, your inward well-being is just as important, and your brain is one of the most crucial pieces to attend to. Keep reading for our anti-aging tips for your brain.

Aging’s Effect on the Brain

The brain degenerates gradually over time. If you have ever walked into a room and then forgotten what you wanted to do there, you know what it feels like to have lost a few brain cells. Your neurons are sensitive and delicate cells that can easily be affected by anything from an odor that you smell to a breakdown of their tissues. Aging naturally brings with it a host of physical, biological, chemical, and psychological changes to even a healthy brain, so learning how to maintain maximum brain health through your senior years is a big priority.

Stress and the Brain

Your brain under stress is susceptible to much more damage than it would be in general aging. Chronic stress exposes your brain cells to elevated levels of the hormone cortisol, and this hormone wreaks havoc on your brain function. Stress can not only destroy brain tissue, it can even work at breaking down the blood-brain barrier, which is vital for protecting the brain tissue from exposure to substances that damage it. (Blood cells kill brain cells, so the two have to be kept separate.)

Fear Increases Stress

Fear is one of the things that causes cortisol to be released, and as we age, many of our fears from our younger days tend to become an entrenched pattern of thinking. This can lead to increased anxiety and a continually elevated release of cortisol. In addition, as you age, several natural fears tend to increase due to circumstances. Fear of falling is a big one of these.

Counteracting Stress and Maximizing Brain Health

Keeping a healthy brain during your older years isn’t rocket science, and here at Rejuvime Medical, we offer a number of important anti-aging treatments that will help. Keeping a healthy brain is a combination of many factors, but here are three primary ones.


We recommend eating a healthy diet and minimizing caffeine intake because caffeine boosts cortisol production.

Physical Exercise

Exercise, in particular, is a good thing to adopt, because it gives your body an appropriate way to dispose of cortisol. It also increases your balance, flexibility, and core strength, which all contribute to lessen the likelihood of falling and hurting yourself, thereby eliminating this common cause of fear. Great all around, right?

Mental Simulation

Exercising your brain itself is also an option, and with the number of options out there, you’ll be sure to find the brain exercise method that works for you. Anything from crossword puzzles to scrabble to chess to mental exercise apps can provide your brain a needed burst of stimulation.

Benefits of Anti-Aging Treatments for the Brain

Your mental health is important, and when you employ a well-rounded strategy of techniques to keep your mind healthy, you’ll experience some of the following benefits:

  • Better memory
  • Less brain fog
  • More peace and tranquility
  • Less anxiety and stress

If you are pursuing anti-aging treatments, don’t neglect your brain in the mix of other methods you are pursuing. Rejuvime Medical is an anti-aging clinic in Metairie offering anti-aging therapies for men and women. Let us help you to look as good as you feel and feel as good as you look! Schedule a consultation today!

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