A Personal Account of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Rejuvime Medical

Today, Rejuvime CEO and owner Chris Pixley discusses lifting the black cloud associated with hormone therapy and replacement. Chronicling his personal journey in being a hormone therapy patient as a backdrop, Chris quotes his own feelings in sharing and talking about his experience.

“Your hormones are not something that’s in your direct control. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when,” he says. It’s true – no matter how we feel about it, the simple medical fact is that, at some point, our hormone levels will decline for both sexes. During menopause, women will begin the decreased production of estrogen, resulting in many side effects such as mood swings, a decrease in libido, memory loss, fatigue, and many others. The same occurs for men – with extremely similar side effects – as they reach older ages and their testosterone production begins to wane.

So if it’s such a common occurrence and everyone experiences it, why are we hesitant to talk about it? It’s possible that discussing the decrease in hormone levels and the effects it has can be seen as weakness, or as something to be ashamed of. While this is simple speculation, it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Most patients, to include Chris himself, can’t help but talk about it once they experience the rejuvenating results of hormone therapy, once they’ve been in decline. Chris states, “…as I got further along and I felt so great, I couldn’t help [but to] share it with people when it was something that could help.”

Check out Chris Pixley’s interview where he discusses the topic of removing the stigma associated with hormone therapy:

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