10 Simple + Healthy Tips for Combating Signs of Aging

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10 Simple + Healthy Tips for Combating Signs of Aging

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Let’s face it: no one looks forward to the side effects that come along with getting older.  Here at Rejuvime, we take steps to educate our patients and followers on the best practices for aging gracefully.  Today on the blog, we are discussing 10 simple practices to incorporate into your lifestyle that will help ease signs of aging.


Besides the fact that they simply aren’t good for our environment, the action of drinking through a straw uses the same movements as a smoker uses when smoking a cigarette. This can cause decreased collagen and fine lines and wrinkles over time.


It’s not just an old wives tale that too much sugar isn’t good for the body.  The fact is, sugar triggers inflammation in the body, which contributes to an assortment of other problems. During the process of the body breaking down sugar, the sugars attach to and destroy protein in the body. According to experts at Livestrong, “Collagen is the most common protein in your body and, coupled with the protein elastin, it keeps skin firm and supple. Damaged collagen and elastin become rigid and brittle, causing the skin to thin, discolor, and develop rashes and infection.”  What does damaged collagen mean exactly? A ticket to the path of aging more quickly and no one wants that!

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It’s probably no surprise that stress management is on this list, as it’s pretty commonly known as a major player in the contribution of aging. From poor decisions, lack of sleep, to poor eating choices, stress is often the contender responsible for many other contributors to accelarated aging that are on this list. Although it’s certainly easier said than done in our fast-paced world, try to incorporate one new thing into your regimen this week that will help to alleviate stress.


Retinol is a form of vitamin A that the body uses to replenish cells and stimulate collagen and elastin production.  Retinol is a great product to add to your daily skincare regimen.


Maintaining some sort of regular physical activity is one of the most sure-fire ways for aging gracefully. According to an article by health.com, “A recent study of older adults published in The Journal of Physiology discovered that the more active participants functioned physiologically similar to younger adults.” Not only will regular exercise make you look younger, but it will help you feel younger as well.

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You’ve probably been hearing it since you were a preteen, but WASH THAT FACE. Besides the fact that a nightly cleansing of the face is just a good hygiene practice, the skin rejuvenates itself overnight…and rejuvenation of clogged pores with dirt and makeup just doesn’t sound like the best anti-aging recipe!


Wrinkles, from sun exposure and dry skin, are surely among the most visible signs of aging. Not to mention, the most common cause of skin cancer is due to sun exposure from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Pick a super broad-spectrum protection of UVA, UVB and IRA rays that is a 30 SPF protection or above. Antioxidant protection found in Infrared protective sunscreens fight free radical damage that ultimately helps prevent premature aging. Hats and sunglasses are also a great way to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

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In our fast-paced society where grabbing a latte or energy drink is done with ease, many Americans run on a less sleep, more caffeine mantra. Did you know that sleep habits can be major contributors in weight fluctuation or stagnancy? Yep! In fact, the CDC says missing out on those snoozin’ hours can lead to major health issues, such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, and frequent mental distress. You can read more about this, in particular, in this past blog post.


Moisturizing keeps the skin supple and smooth. Applying a moisturizer after a shower to the face and body will help keep skin looking and feeling fresh!

If you feel you are experiencing signs and symptoms of aging skin, our team would be happy to discuss options with you during a consult! Call us at (225)960-1580 to schedule a consult and take proactive steps during the aging process.


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