Questionnaire: Am I Ready for HRT?

Low Testosterone in Men

“Andropause” is what some refer to as male menopause, or more commonly known as — low T. Low levels of testosterone can cause hormonal changes that come with uncomfortable symptoms, including low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, muscle loss, and mood changes. Testosterone levels decrease gradually as a man ages. We have created a quiz to help you determine whether or not you think you many be suffering from Low T.

The Androgen Quiz is a low testosterone test to help men decide if they should talk to a medical professional about the symptoms they are experiencing. This quiz consists of questions concerning symptoms of androgen deficiency. If you answer, “Yes” to several of these or even just one, you may have low testosterone and should consult with a medical professional.

Male Low Testosterone Questionnaire

Hormone Deficiency in Women

Hormonal imbalance is more common than you may realize. Women of all ages struggle with this. Each individual has a unique balance of hormones, but when they are not balanced properly, symptoms arise. You may be experiencing fatigue, low libido, hot flashes, night sweats, decrease in lean muscle and an increase in fat, along with constant mood swings. Getting back into balance and feeling like yourself again can be trying and frustrating.

In order to help you understand what you may be going through, we have designed a quiz to assess hormonal imbalance in women. When your body has a hormonal imbalance you start to experience symptoms you’ve never had and quite honestly, you probably don’t want. WE CAN HELP! Start by taking our quiz and you can be on the path to happy hormonal balance again!

Female Hormone Deficiency Questionnaire