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Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may sound complicated or time-consuming, but it is a medically sound, straightforward treatment that can help men and women address conditions ranging from insomnia and lethargy to sexual dysfunction and mood swings. At Rejuvime Medical’s locations in Baton Rouge and Metairie, our team sees patients from New Orleans and throughout Louisiana.

Aging & Hormone Replacement Therapy

People consider hormone replacement therapy for various reasons that are primarily related to the body’s natural aging process. Menopause or, for men, andropause, involves a number of symptoms that can detract from your quality of life. Rejuvime Medical invites you to learn more about how the aging process affects men and women and the benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

Our simple, 3-step process makes it easy to understand how treatment works and why so many men and women pursue hormone replacement therapy.

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Our team of medical specialists, including Dr. Jonathan Weiler, certified medical assistants, and nurses, are ready to create a customized hormone replacement treatment plan for you. Men and women considering bioidentical hormone replacement therapy from Lafayette, LA; New Orleans; and throughout the state travel to one of our locations for Rejuvime Medical’s expertise. Request a consultation using the online form or call us at (225) 960-1580 to schedule an appointment.

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Always great service!
Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. The information I was given was more than I could have asked...
Everyone was extremely nice and helpful. The information I was given was more than I could have asked...
Stephanie is awesome! They really make sure they assist and answer all questions. I am excited about...

Hormone Replacement Therapy:Boost Your Performance

Jonathan Weiler, MD Jonathan Weiler, MD

Losing your edge at the gym? It could be due to declining hormone levels. Whether you're a man or woman, hormone replacement therapy at Rejuvime Medical can help you regain stamina and strength.

We've created separate e-books for men and women explaining how HRT works and describing the easy, 3-step process that will kick-start your treatment.

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