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These days, people don’t check out a restaurant, choose a pet groomer, or buy light bulbs without first reading customer reviews. We wouldn’t expect anything less from patients considering anti-aging treatments, including hormone replacement therapy, at our clinics in the Baton Rouge area. Use the links below to find reviews posted by actual patients on sites such as Google.


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I have been going to Rejuvime in Metairie for over two years, I have noticed a huge improvement in my body and in my energy. They monitor your health and the nurses are the best!

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[Reviewer chose not to leave a comment.]

Everyone was so polite and easy to work with. Patient care is at the forefront with them and scheduling was so easy!

My husband and I are both clients of Rejuvime and are so pleased with their services. The ease of scheduling and application availability really helps us stay on track with our tight schedules. Highly recommend.

Great customer service from the very first visit. Everyone was very professional. All questions or concerns were answered. Highly recommend.

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So I'm super nervous about the semaglutide but after lab work and meeting with their healthcare professional, i feel so much more at ease with my decision. After labs now I realize why I have not been successful in my weight-loss journey. My results are yet to be determined but I feel better about my decision to start this shot. The nurses and HCP are very detail oriented and help with any questions. They are also available by text or email anytime.

Amazing establishment! The staff at Rejuvime go above and beyond for their patients. I am always pleased with my clinic visits, from the front desk to the care provided by nurses. The providers are thorough and take their time with you to answer each and every question you may have. I highly recommend going to see the wonderful people at Rejuvime Medical!

Great service! The facility was incredibly nice and I love my end results!