Rejuvime Medical: Telemedicine Program


Telemedicine is a wonderful opportunity to enhance a patient’s personal relationship with their medical provider. Through advanced technology and video/audio monitoring, telemedicine breaks down the barrier of distance.

Here at Rejuvime Medical, we utilize telemedicine to interact with and treat patients so that distance and proximity to our facilities is no longer an obstacle. Rejuvime Medical utilizes telemedicine to complete face-to-face consultations, interaction and continued medical care. Through telemedicine, Rejuvime Medical has the opportunity to provide the same safe, appropriate, and quality level of care that our in-office traditional patients receive.

Telemedicine primary care provider policy

Prior to enrolling in the Rejuvime Medical telemedicine program, each patient must have an active relationship with a primary care provider. Each patient must keep an active relationship with their PCP in order to continue treatment with Rejvuime Medical and the telemedicine program.

Telemedicine Process

1. Completion of comprehensive lab panel. $250.00

2. Potential patient will have their PCP complete the physical examination and vital signs form and submit back to Rejuvime Medical.

3. Telemedicine consultation will be completed to review the labs with the patient and discuss potential treatment options.

4. Following consultation (if treatment is warranted) the patient will complete all informed consent forms and return back to Rejuvime Medical.

5. Once consent forms have been collected, payment for medications will be collected.

6. Once payment is collected, medications will be ordered and shipped directly to the patient’s home with all supplies included.

7. Repeat diagnostic labs and consultations every 3-6 months, based off the discretion of the medical provider

8. The Rejuvime Medical physical exam and vital signs form must be completed annually by the patient’s PCP.