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Sermorelin and HGH Therapy – What’s the Difference?

As scientists learn more about the aging process, the importance of human growth hormone (HGH) has become clear. It’s a substance crucial to cell growth and overall wellness. Some of the benefits of higher HGH levels include: Faster metabolism Improved hearth health Increased muscle strength Higher libido Stronger immune function Our hormone therapy team in …

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HGH: It’s More Than Just A Sports Scandal

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Alex Rodriguez. Sylvester Stallone. What do they have in common? All have been linked to using human growth hormone (HGH) to improve athletic performance and enhance their bodies. The therapy is not allowed for most pro athletes, and thanks to the rules in professional sports, HGH has become associated with doping …

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25 Great Aspects About Aging

In the rush to celebrate youth, our society seems to have forgotten that there are some great positive aspects of aging. Here at our anti-aging clinic in Baton Rouge, we are definitely not about diminishing or demeaning aging. Instead, we’re here to make sure that you enjoy the golden years of your life to the …

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5 Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks

Aging creeps up on you, and no matter how many people have gotten older before you, it’s still uncharted territory to you. Perhaps you start with a few gray hairs. Then maybe you start to feel less energetic, and then you fight with a fairly significant health issue or two. The gradual nature of aging …

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Hilarious Old-Fashioned Anti-Aging Remedies

Throughout history, people have looked for the secret for how to remedy or reverse aging. The quest to retain youthfulness, vitality, and wellbeing has captured the imaginations of many people and cultures. However, not all of these remedies were useful, scientifically based, or even reasonable. Here are some of the ways people have tried to …

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Why We Recommend Injectables to Our Patients

When you come into our Metairie clinic for hormone therapy, you’ll end up with a customized hormone treatment that helps restore your body’s natural hormone levels in order to reverse the effects of aging. Along with your hormone therapy, you may also receive nutrient supplements and cosmetic treatments via injectables. If the thought of a needle …

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