Lifestyle Choices That Age You

The lifestyle choices you make in your day to day life can either age you or keep you looking young.There are many things that can make us look and feel older. Some of them are out of our control, like genetics or even just time, whereas others are completely dependent on the lifestyle choices we …

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Can Men Get Menopause?

Is it possible for an older man to suffer from male menopause?The endocrine system controls everything from sexual function to growth through a series of glands that produce hormones. As we age, the levels of hormones we produce change; we produce more of some hormones and less of others. In women, a decrease in the production …

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SAY GOODBYE TO SYNTHETIC HORMONES.When men and women start getting older, many turn to hormone therapy to help them look and feel younger again. Hormone therapy has been especially helpful at treating the symptoms of menopause in women, including hot flashes and fatigue. It used to be that all hormone therapy utilized synthetic hormones. Though …

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