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A Lasting Solution for Excessive Underarm Sweat!

Whether you are the kind of person who tends to sweat a lot or just a little, nothing is more embarrassing than underarm sweat stains and odor. Until recently, dealing with yellow stains on our white shirts or the chalky mess left behind by deodorants have just been part of life. Today, thanks to Miradry …

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Testosterone Myths: Female Edition

Last week, we promised in our most recent blog that we would include a full section on female-specific testosterone myths. Not being ones to disappoint, we rounded up some interesting facts and myths regarding testosterone hormone therapy for the more attractive gender. Some might be surprising, some might betray everything you know about hormones, and, …

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A Few Myths of Testosterone You May Not Know

Steroids certainly have a stigma associated with them despite their prevalent use for medicinal purposes. Some of it may have to do with high profile instances in professional sports or its sometimes negative portrayal in pop culture. In reality, steroids have been used for decades to treat conditions from arthritis to stunted growth in children. …

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A Personal Account of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Today, Rejuvime CEO and owner Chris Pixley discusses lifting the black cloud associated with hormone therapy and replacement. Chronicling his personal journey in being a hormone therapy patient as a backdrop, Chris quotes his own feelings in sharing and talking about his experience.“Your hormones are not something that’s in your direct control. It’s not a …

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SAY GOODBYE TO SYNTHETIC HORMONES. When men and women start getting older, many turn to hormone therapy to help them look and feel younger again. Hormone therapy has been especially helpful at treating the symptoms of menopause in women, including hot flashes and fatigue. It used to be that all hormone therapy utilized synthetic hormones. …

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A silent epidemic is effecting millions in civilized countries. This epidemic does not see color, race, or bank accounts. This slow killer is not cancer or diabetes, but rather something that may come first-Magnesium deficiency. Before you can truly understand this crisis you must learn why magnesium is so important to our bodies. Few nutrients …

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If you are an athlete or active person who wants to keep competing, but your body just won’t allow it, or if you are a man who feels he is losing his MOJO, consider Bio-identical Hormone Therapy to help your body function as it did 10 years ago! In this post, we want to encourage …

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It is no secret that the newest way to get your body its daily dose of nutrients is through an IV Infusion. Not only can it be found down the produce isle, but now down the line of an IV tube. The world we live in is heavily saturated with chemicals, pollutants, and even what …

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“Something is happening to me. It used to be after a long workweek or a girl’s night out, but now it is every night. Here is the scenario: I go to bed at my usual time around 10pm. I take my shower, go through my routine of cleansing, toning, tightening, and protecting my skin, and …

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You made it through the honeymoon phase, had a child or two, possibly moved into your dream home, and just leaped over a big hurdle called the “seven year itch.” Between running back and forth with different practices, cub scout meetings, and taco Tuesday your life has fallen into a very normal routine. One day …

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