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Progesterone Vs Progestin

Are progesterone and progestin really interchangeable? What is the difference between the two?Today we seek to answer these questions and bring some clarification on an often confused subject.In HRT, the main purpose of taking a progestogen (progesterone or a progestin) along with estrogen is to oppose the effect of estrogen on the endometrium and prevent …

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Forget Midlife Crisis, Where Did My MOJO Go?

As we age, our hormone levels decline and we can become deficient in these essential hormones. These deficiencies can cause many side effects such as fatigue, weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, hair loss, mood swings, low sex drive, and poor concentration. As a female, it is imperative to not only balance but optimize estrogen, …

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Comprehensive Blood Testing + Wellness Panels Provide Baseline for Hormone Levels

What are they? “[a] low cost blood testing with an emphasis on tests that focus on hormones, nutrition, metabolic disorders, and preventable disease.” Tests are comprehensive hormone and wellness panels, available for both men and women, and are primarily utilized to obtain a personalized baseline for your hormone levels. This is specifically targeted towards “sex” …

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What is Hormone Therapy? Who’s it for?

The fact is that the aging process affects everyone. Over time, our bodies begin to change as we notice that we look and feel different than we used to. Hormone production declines to a point of deficiency, resulting in decreased libido, energy levels, fatigue, and weight gain.Fortunately, as technology has progressed, scientific advancements have granted …

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The Anti-Aging Benefits of Taurine

Our bodies are complex systems with multiple moving parts and pieces of molecular machinery. They are subject to atrophy and decay just as much as that 1968 Chevrolet you bought when you were a teenager that doesn’t work as well as it used to. However, unlike an automobile that runs on simple fuels like gasoline, engine …

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Estrogen Vs. Progesterone: Which Bioidentical Hormone is Right for You?

Many of our patients experience the benefits of receiving customized injections of bioidentical hormones in our Baton Rouge clinic. These customized injections can help reverse the effects of aging by helping your body recover functions that have been lost to decreased levels of hormones over time. These symptoms are common in older patients, but by …

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Warning Signs of Low Testosterone in Women

Men aren’t the only ones who experience low testosterone; it’s also commonly found in women. Testosterone is most often associated with men. After all, it’s responsible for a man’s low voice and his increased muscle mass. However, testosterone is also important for women. While it’s true that women don’t produce anywhere near as much testosterone …

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Lifestyle Choices That Age You

The lifestyle choices you make in your day to day life can either age you or keep you looking young. There are many things that can make us look and feel older. Some of them are out of our control, like genetics or even just time, whereas others are completely dependent on the lifestyle choices …

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